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Why your Beard needs more than just a Comb

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Beard grooming is a relatively unfamiliar concept to some, and most of those who engage in it simply trim, comb or untangle their beard hair. Well, there is more to the story than that. While trimming and combing are essential for getting a neat looking beard, other crucial products include a beard oil and beard balm. These are important tools in your grooming kit and need to be used regularly if you are serious about maintaining a healthy and attractive beard.


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Here are some reasons why you should include these must-have products in your daily grooming routine:

Beard Oil

An oil specially crafted for your beard and the skin underneath, beard oil gives you a healthier, fuller and more manageable beard. It helps transform your beard from dull, sluggish, and messy to something worthy of admiration. Get rid of patchy and itchy facial hair with regular use of essential oils. If you’re looking for the best beard oil, try the Scented Beard Oil from Striking Viking. All natural and organic, this mixture of healthy oils gives your beard a shine, robust growth and strong strands.

Beard Balm

Condition your beard and soften those dry, brittle hair with consistent use of beard balm. With moisturizing properties, balm keeps your facial hair from looking frizzled and dry. It also helps prevent split ends which negatively affect your beard’s overall strength. Get a healthy looking beard with the best beard balm from Striking Viking. This Unscented Beard Balm can help you go from an itchy and dry beard to a thick, tamed and soft beard.


Viking Beard Gear


Striking Viking makes premium beard care products which are all natural and well built. Showcasing fashion, functionality and style, these beard grooming products are made for the modern man. 

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