All You Need To Know About Beard Filler Pens

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The big beard trend may have peaked a few years ago, but big, bushy beards are still as ubiquitous as ever, and it’s not too late for you to have a go at growing one! Short, refined beards tend to always be on-trend, as well, and it looks like they will continue to be a fashion mainstay for years to come.

One thing that may have prevented you from jumping on the trend thus far is your inability to grow a full beard. Some may have had the ability to do so since their late teens, while others may have to wait until their late twenties, or even older, to grow a full beard. Alas, some may never be able to grow a beard at all.

What if there was a way to cheat, though? A way to circumvent the embarrassing, patchy, middle stage of beard growth? Introducing the 4-Tip Beard Pencil Filler for Men from Striking Viking. This beard filler pencil works to fill in the blanks and give your beard an all-around luscious look.

Beard fillers are suitable for filling in beards and mustaches, as well as for covering bald spots. If you’re a little apprehensive about cheating or about the possibility of your peers seeing through your beard façade, or if you are just generally confused about how a beard patch filler works, keep reading to learn all there is to know!

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What Are Beard Filler Pens?

Typically, beard filler pens are pens that distribute black or brown beard filler to your beard through a micro-fork tip. Often dubbed the mascara of beard grooming products, beard filler pens require the user to lightly ‘paint’ over prominent patches that appear throughout their beard in order to create a full-beard look.

The beard filler itself is essentially a wax. However, the make-up of beard filler changes from product to product.
Beard filler pens are just one of the many beard enhancers available today. Others that can also be used in addition to pens include beard filler pencils, beard patch fillers, and beard filler fibers.

This product from Striking Viking boasts a micro-fork tip that contains four individual forks to create a seamless motion when applying. It also contains a brush that can be used after you have applied the beard filler – we'll discuss more on that later!

Striking Viking’s beard filler is available in 5ml pen and is available in both black and brown – be sure to double-check that you are purchasing the appropriate color to match your beard!

Striking Viking’s product and others like it are not just limited to beard use and can be utilized to color in bald spots that appear in your hair or mustache.

How Do You Use Beard Filler Pens?

Beard filler pencils work to draw over the patches of your beard to create a convincing full beard. Don’t think that you can draw on a full beard while clean-shaven using a beard patch filler, though. You need to have some level of beard already grown for beard patch fillers to do a convincing job.

The beard filler from Striking Viking is very straightforward to use. Simply remove the cap to reveal the micro-fork tip and start lightly brushing where the outline of your beard naturally forms. Don’t put this outline unnaturally high or in a place where you are unable to grow facial hair, as this will produce unconvincing results – it’s all about enhancing what you’ve got, not adding more!

Once satisfied with the outline of your beard, gradually work your way inward, spending additional time on particularly prominent bald spots as needed. For the best results, stroke in the direction that your hair naturally flows. It is important to make sure that the pen color sticks to the hairs that are already present to make your whole beard appear uniform in color.

Next, use the brush that comes provided with the beard patch filler to brush downward. This works to truly blend in the patchwork and return your facial hair to its natural look.

how to use beard filler pencil

Overall, beard filler pens, especially this one from Striking Viking, are incredibly easy to use. It is of paramount importance that you store your beard filler pen face down when not in use to get the most out of it. This ensures that the beard filler is close to the tip when applying, creating a thicker look. Also, ensure that the cap is fastened tightly.

Are Beard Filler Pens Durable?

If you’re looking to keep up beard appearances at the gym or in any other location where your perspiration levels are high, you don’t have to worry about your beard pencil filler running and making you look ridiculous.

This specific pencil filler from Striking Viking is made to be both sweatproof and water-resistant, meaning that you could hit the treadmill or shoulder press at your local leisure center without the threat of beard filler dripping onto your nice gym clothes.

The sweatproof capabilities of pencil fillers extend to smudge resistance, too. Don’t worry about absent-mindedly scratching your beard – as full beards tend to itch! – and causing your beard filler to smudge and ruin your look.

In terms of waterproof capabilities, pencil fillers are ‘water-resistant’, meaning that they are durable when in contact with water to a certain extent. Pencil fillers will hold up through rain or in other circumstances where your beard gets slightly dampened.

However, we would not recommend swimming after applying beard patch filler – at least not if you are hoping for your beard to remain patched up once you leave the pool. As durable as beard pen fillers are, they can also be easily rubbed out using water and beard shampoo.

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing a Beard Filler Pen

If you’ve got a considerable number of patches on your beard, you might want to look at buying plenty of additional products, like the ones mentioned below, to combat your problem. Striking Viking sells their beard filler pens in 5ml tubes, which should be sufficient.

Pricewise, do not consider beard filler pens that are asking for more than $20. Somewhere around the $10 mark is the ideal asking price.

Also, look for beard filler pens that offer long-lasting results. On top of being water and sweat-resistant, a good beard filler should last longer than one day at minimum. Premium beard fillers may last up to three days, or even longer in some cases.

Of course, most beard filler pens will be skin-friendly. However, if you have particularly irritable skin, be sure to check out the contents of the product and save yourself from an avoidable outbreak or rash.

Keep an eye on the variety of colors offered by pen fillers. Although Striking Viking only offers two color options, other companies offer sometimes as high as 23 different colors and shades of beard filler wax. Keep your natural color uniform, or as close as you can get to being uniform, with the color of your chosen beard filler pen.

Is There Anything Else That Can Be Additionally Used?

There are a plethora of men’s beard grooming products that are recommended to use alongside a beard filler pen to optimize results. Many of these products can also be purchased from Striking Viking.

Before applying the beard filler pen coating, it is a good idea to first outline the contour of your beard with a pencil. This will help you neatly define the shape of your beard, which will make your beard filler pen a lot easier to use.

Beard filler pencils can also be used to color in patches in a similar fashion to that of the beard filler pen. They may not, however, work as well as the beard filler pen to combat bigger patches.

Beard filling fibers, which are more commonly used as a solution to thinning hair, can be used to build and give a fuller look to pre-existing facial hair.

Beard corrector powder can also be used to create thickness and volume.

beard pencil vs hair fiber vs beard dye 

Do Beard Filler Pens Work?

In terms of what beard filler pens set out to do, they work. Striking Viking’s product grants your otherwise patchy beard a fullness, thickness, and refinement that is almost impossible to achieve naturally without the aid of natural growth remedies or similar products.

Typical examples of celebrities who are known to use beard filler pens for enhancement include DJ Khalid, who is almost entirely defined by his prominent beard. The results of beard filler pens on celebrities such as him are obvious, so they definitely work.


Having read this article, you will now be fully informed on what beard filler pens are and how to use them. Beard filler pens are a short-term solution for patchiness that you may find in your beard, your mustache, or even your hair. Beard filler pens offer an affordable solution to creating that full-beard look that you are unable to grow naturally. You can use beard filler pens by themselves or in addition to another beard patch filler utensil.

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