Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes… But Why Forget The Beard?

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes… But Why Forget The Beard?

Striking Viking Beard Gear

Drop out of the “men take seconds to get ready” trance and give your striking beard a chance to shine. Men’s grooming is a regime that frequently eliminates the importance of maintaining your beard, to attain the perfect look beyond just the face. Enhance your personality without taking a toll on your daily schedule, with the hassle-free Striking Viking beard grooming essentials… crafted exquisitely by the angel of beards!

Sprucing up from head to toe for an important event or just for a casual day on the trail? Why forget the beard? No, it’s not rocket science, nor does it take decades. Striking Viking makes grooming simple yet effective, all while adding a clean finish to your overall attire. The combs and brushes help untangle your glorious beard effortlessly, gliding through your hair with ease, with the addition of the luxurious oils and balms lend a generous hand. Tame your beard and add an organized and sophisticated touch to your look.

The products we offer are composed of love and affection for that tough-looking not-so-tough beard of yours. We know it adds a macho vibe to the look you’ve got going but we are also well equipped with the facts! Your beard follicles and under-skin are both sensitive to chemicals and synthetic substances. So it’s time to indulge in these naturally crafted beard grooming kits and beard growth kits. The natural sandalwood comb and boar’s hair brush delicately brush through your beard, evenly distributing the natural oils in your hair. The oils and balms contain extracts of sandalwood, jojoba, argan, aloe, chamomile, a variety of exotic oils and shea butter to help naturally enhance your beard.

Striking Viking Best Beard Grooming Kit                                          

So find the best beard grooming kit for the perfectly flowing beard, or even for your stubble and leave a lingering air of class, turning heads wherever you go!