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Grooming Products: To Pamper Your Beard Flyaway

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A well-groomed and perfectly styled beard can make you stand out from the crowd. We all know that the beard-growing revolves around proper care and maintaining your awesome look - But it doesn’t have to be a tedious task. We are here with some basic beard styling and grooming tips that will make you look your best.

To start with, a beard grooming kit is a fine investment that can make a huge difference in your care routine. With that comes the question as to what makes for a best beard grooming kit, but that completely depends on your verse, so we are focusing on the few must-have essentials that include trimming scissors, comb, beard oil and balm.

  • Combs and Brushes

A beard comb plays a vital role in untangling the stubble as well as styling it. When grooming your beard, you must use a comb with both narrow and wide teeth for removing any knots as well as giving it the required shape. The brushes great for training the hair follicles to grow in the right direction, the soft bristles remove any dirt and grime while stimulating blood circulation on the face.

  • Balms and Oils

Beard grooming seems to be evolving with time, products like beard balm have recently come into the limelight. While both beard oil and balm are used for the basic hydration and nourishment requirements. The beard balm is ideal for styling and the oil is commonly used for boosting hair growth and health.

  • Trimming Scissors

A valuable tool for your beard care regime, the trimming scissors are not used for making vital adjustments on your own but only for shaping and trimming to maintain a perfect length and style.


Viking Beard Gear


If you are looking for beard grooming kits or tools that styles and soothes your stubble as well as your conscience - Striking Viking is your destination to be! We offer a plethora of beard grooming tools and accessories that are designed to tame your hair growth. Buy the best beard care kit or grooming products and pamper your stubble.

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