Essential Grooming Supplies for the Bearded Man

Essential Grooming Supplies for the Bearded Man

If you are looking for some inspiration and tips to up your beard game - Striking Viking is here to lend you some suggestions and styling tricks. This discussion shares some of the best beard care products for a lustrous looking beard and mustache.

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Tools for Everyday Beard Management

Try the folding beard comb for gently detangling the beard length and eliminating nasty flakes. Handcrafted with extreme precision, the mustache comb feature round tips that gently massages the skin and delivers relaxation to the cheek muscles. You can make this fine comb a part of your regular beard care regime, for a sophisticated, well-groomed look. To extend the versatility of use, Striking Viking Folding Comb delicately glides through the toughest beards, scalp hair and mustache. Adored by men across all age groups, for its easy portability, this beard-grooming comb easily fits shirt pockets and wallets—easy-to-carry when traveling to a holiday destination or the office!

Designed with hypoallergenic materials, the wooden beard comb contains a subtle fragrance of sandalwood. The dual-sided coarse and fine teeth are sure to complement all beard types and lengths. They glide delicately through the hairs and avoid follicle breakage. Sparingly apply beard oils and glide this sandalwood comb for evenly nourishing the beard flyaways and promoting hair growth. Striking Viking beard comb comes with a high-quality rustic looking case that makes it easy to carry around.


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Caring for a beard is a more tiring task than growing one. Your beard hair requires regular care for a sophisticated appearance. Here at Striking Viking, we aim at providing users the best-in-class grooming products, many made with all-natural materials.


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