Tips to Protect Your Beard from the Cold

Tips to Protect Your Beard from the Cold

Tis the season when beard care is more important than ever.  The elements during this season have a tendency to make beard follicles brittle, dry, and prone to breakage.  In addition, a dry beard is also more likely to encounter “beardruff.”  Luckily, it’s possible to completely avoid these cold weather dredges. 


Two factors contribute to a healthy beard.   The first is keeping the beard hygienic.  Shampooing and rinsing do a pretty good job at this.  Simply washing the beard hair rids the face and beard of bacteria.  Although this comes at the expense of a more brittle and drier, albeit cleaner, beard.  Without catching and absorbing the oils from your face, your beard dries out.  This doesn't look or feel good.


Striking the balance between clean & moisturized hair follicles is key in maintaining a healthy, soft, plush, and attractive looking beard.  This is the reason men have literally been using oils to enhance the quality and increase the moisture of their beards for thousands of years.  It’s imperative to add the right oils immediately after showering.  Applying a quality beard oil with argan, jojoba, and almond oil is essential in restoring and maintaining the moisture within the hair (and face) throughout the day.



Quick Tips:

Shampoo less.  Rid the beard of bacteria when necessary, but leave it alone when it’s already clean. Too much shampooing can dry out the skin and hair, which contributes to flaking.

Condition more.  Restore moisture to the skin and beard daily by using quality oils.

Use a comb or brush to evenly distribute oils throughout your beard.