The TOP 10 Beard Costumes for Halloween

The TOP 10 Beard Costumes for Halloween


10: Andrew Luck

Luck is the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.  That may be one of the toughest jobs to get but luckily dressing up as this famous quarterback is about as easy as it gets.  This costume is for the minimalist, slacker, procrastinator and the Colts Fans.  Don’t even worry about combing this beard.  Just throw on the jersey, grab your date, and head to the Halloween party knowing everyone else spent way more time on their costume than you did.


 9: Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons

A fairly obscure character but a funny costume for sure.  This costume is best attempted by someone with a strong red beard and wearing overalls.  Carry a miniature shovel or another tool from the shed for good measure.


8: Forrest Gump

There are several different Forrest costumes out there.  Our suggestion centers on the bearded one.  When Forrest was on his 3+ year run, he grew out his beard, wore a red Bubba Gump hat, and was outfitted in a NIKE t-shirt with the big logo on the front.  Those are the 3 items you’ll need if you decide to run with this costume idea.


7: The Most Interesting Man in the World

This costume is for the man who excels at everything and also enjoys drinking Dos Equis.  The great thing about this costume is its license to make up outlandish tales all night long.


6: The Bearded Lady

If you have the cajones for this one, give it a try.  Don’t forget to charge 2 carnival tickets to everyone who gets to see it.


5: Yosemite Sam


This famous Looney Tunes character is a great choice for those who can pull it off.  You’ll need less of a beard and more of a massive handlebar mustache.  Then secure a couple guns and cowboy hat, which you probably already have from Halloweens in years past, and you’re set.  Just remember to shout phrases such as “Now drink up, varmint,” “That’s what I get for trustin’ a rabbit,” and “dagnabbit!”


4: Brian Wilson

Brian is another professional athlete who sports a legendary beard.  Although 2014 was his most recent year in the MLB, he’s still famous for both his beard and his tenure with two California teams, the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  His black beard is the centerpiece but you’ll also need a jersey and the optional baseball glove for the rest of the party-goers to recognize this costume.  Fortunately, the glove could come in handy when friends pass you a beer.


3: Wizard

Whether it’s Gandalf or a random wizard you’re interested in becoming on October 31st, you’ll want the requisite cone shaped wizard hat, robe, and an impressive beard – the longer the better.  Use the workaholics episode in season 1 (ep 9) for an example if you need a visual.


2: The Dude aka The Big Lebowski

This is the costume for the guy with a goatee instead of a beard.  Long hair or a Halloween wig is an added plus as well.  Combine these characteristics with an incredibly comfy bath robe and it doesn’t get much better than this.  If you have a goatee and are pursuing both comfort and a cool costume, this is the one for you.


1: Viking

If you suspected it was coming, you were right.  The ultimate bearded costume this Halloween is none other than the Viking.  The costume has risen in popularity through the NFL team, the television show, and even the somewhat still relevant Capital One commercials. Sport a plush, full, beard and then pick up the Viking helmet and complementary sword or hammer for the full ensemble.



Notable Mentions:

Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Santa Claus, Mr. T., ZZ Top, Bob Ross, Kimbo Slice, Macho Man Randy Savage, Papa Smurf, Leonitus from 300, and honest Abe Lincoln.