Brian Wilson

If you don't already know the name or aren't able to decipher from the picture, Brian Wilson is a professional baseball relief pitcher.  He can now rightfully claim to be both a Beard of the Week Winner & 2010 World Series Champion.


Keep smiling, Brian!  That's one hell of a beard.

While some were interested in the stats on the back of his baseball card, the crew at Striking Viking was busy calculating the beard stats.  To be specific, he earns major league points for both length and fullness.  Those traits stand out from any angle.  Also well-deserved are points for the solid, uniform, color.  The often disheveled look seems like a negative at first.  But let's be serious.  He's out there on the mound throwing fastballs for a living.  He's earned a pass on that one.


 The 'Before & After' showcases a totally different look.  I wonder when he's recognized most....with or without the beard? I'm willing to bet it's with the beard, even with the hoodie and hat on.